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[at-l] trail magic

>I was on the trail last year, but did not stop at Rusty's.  I have heard
many >different conflicting accounts of the Hard Times Hollow.  Why is it
no longer in >Wingfoots book?  What are the pros and cons of this place? 
Who is Rusty?  >Is it worth the side trip?  Etc...

I wish that I could have spent time  at Rusty's  during previous years
when the springhouse was filled with beer instead of Big K soda, but
still its a heck of a good place to stop when you are on the trail. 
Rusty is the most generous man on the at in my opinion.  He's got such a
nice place, some people spend WEEKS there.  I only spent 2 nights, but
its certainly worth the short side trip especially because you will get
an easy slackpack out of it.

>Plus, how about Trents, Woodshole, Harrisons, Shaws, Kuntry Momas,
>Graymoor, etc...

Hmm, i didn't stay at Woodshole but everyone has good things to say about
that one.  If you mean Mountain Moma's, it is THE biggest dump there ever
was, but I sure enjoyed my time there.  About Graymoor, thought it was
ok, but a little expensive as they guilt you out of about $20 (with a
sign in your room telling you how much you are costing them).    But the
Friar that was on duty (not Fred, I forget his name) spent a lot of time
with me and I got a good meal.  

I don't know about the others but here are a couple that come to mind --
Bluberry Patch was great.  The Dutch House B&B in Montebello, VA was
wonderfull.  I wish that I could remember the folks names at Blackburn ,
Travellin Man and Southern Harp I think.  They were just fantastic and I
really appreciate their help.  In PA I thought Bleu Blaze was good even
though some people had problems with those people, and 501 was really
super (Soda and ice cream sandwitches abound in PA).  Also the folks at
Fine Lodging in Slatington are great.  Carolyn Canon's house in
Tyringham, Mass was a nice stop, but it is a little frightening riding in
a car with her.

I haven't posted here before, but I wanted to get my 2 cents in re Rusty.

Ben Reese.
OJ  GA->Dalton, Mass '96
      GA->ME '97
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