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Re: [at-l] Fw: Threat to Internet usage!

Seems I read that the FCC has turned this proposal down. One digital
service that may succumb to pricing increases is local ISDN service. Some
parts of the country have fixed rate local ISDN service and the local
telco is petitioning to change this to a per minute billing structure.
This isn't to make money as much as it is to make some of the newer
digital stuff more attractive (ATM and Frame Relay).

Now we way off-topic now!!! Anyone wishing to discuss, we'll go offline.


On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Jay Dennis wrote:

> Thought ya'll may be interested in this . . . Not exactly hiking stuff, but
> still a threat to our "community."
> > > Dear All,
> > >         I am writing you to inform you of a very important matter
> > > currently under review by the FCC. Many local telephone companies have
> > > filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per minute charges for Internet
> > > service. They contend that use of Internet has or will hinder the
> > > operation of the telephone network.

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