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[at-l] Re: hike-naked?

Rick Mann, aka 'Pittsburgh' wrote:

>It is my understanding that the first day of summer is (of course
>unofficially) 'hike naked' day.  This happened last year on (I believe) June
>21st.  I spoke with many hikers that said they went naked (at least for part

A group of Northbounders in '94 hiked off and on from Helveys Mills
to Rustys in the nude the week before  Memorial day. (Dog Sandwich, Vermonster
etc).  No particular rule that it has to be on the Summer Solstice;  it's 
probably better if you do it before then, since the Mid Atlantic states are 
still somewhat cool and not as humid.  Believe me, when we got up into 
Pennsylvania, even hiking nude didn't help in that heat and humidity....
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