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[at-l] Re: at-l Bakeries

Steve reminded me about

> Subject: [at-l] Bakeries (??) -Reply
> Worthingtons - 
> right on the trail at Route 206 in Culver Lake NJ.  Get there early enough
> and you will be quite pleased.  The cinnamon rasin loaf is also great. 
> They also sell soda and regular packaged food.

Yes, this is a good memory from a NJ section hike I did a couple of 
years ago.  I hit the bakery on a cool, clear Sunday morning the day 
after some heavy rains.    The bakery was 
sure doing a good business with people stopping in for their weekend 
sweets.  I recommend the sticky buns.

This brings up the point that the kind of bakery you are apt to run 
into on the AT is your basic American-style.  I think it would 
be strong on donuts and pastry, maybe a bit weak on French bread.

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