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RE: [at-l] 'nother question

>what i'm wondering is this; my picture taking is not the same as most=20
>people's, i don't take pictures in order to preserve "the memory" of=20
>whatever the event is.  i only take them in what i feel are beautiful=20
>situations, that would transfer well onto film.  so the question is=20
>(finally :0), is there enough of the former to justify taking along my=20
>heavy camera, and film?  the only people pictures are for other people=20
>(my mom, my friends, etc.).  so would i take enough pictures, or would =
>just sit in my pack for six months?


Take a camera!!  Despite my desire for light weight, the cameras one =
item I consider an absolute must.  Twenty years after the fact, when =
Linda and I sit down and review our slides, memories flood back far =
faster than reading our journals. =20

There are a number of small cameras that weight less than a pound that =
take good pictures (not the film/camera type).  You don't need an SLR =
with lots of lenses to take good pictures.

Ron Moak

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