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[at-l] Power of attorney et al

In addition to the power of attorney, two other documents should be considered.
they are sometimes incorporated into the same document.
Medical Proxy:
This document gives medical power of attorney to a person who may not be your
next of kin.  This is especially important if your next of kin cannot be
reached and someone else (your SO for instance) will be making the decisions.
Living Will:
This indicates your desires as to long term medical care if you are not 
able to indicate same.  This will prevent your being kept on a machine for
20 years if that is not what you would have wanted or visa versa.

While on the subject of medical, if you have anything unusual in your 
medical history, including drug allergies, look into a medic alert bracelet.
It weighs almost nothing and can save your life.  Also if there is something
important in it, get a copy of your medical history from your Dr.  

Happy (and healthy)trails,
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