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[at-l] Not AT, but still kewl

Hi all,

A few of the folks on this list live near Raleigh, NC, so I though I'd
post something I'm planning on doing this weekend.  It looks like it MAY
be a clear night Friday.  Around 1 hour before sunrise Saturday morning,
the Hale-Bop comet will be in view.  I'm planning on getting up at 5am
to set up my telescope.  Anyone interested is seeing this is invited to
come out to take a peek -- weather permitting, of course.  (I've got an
8in Newtonian scope that's seen better days but still works fairly well.
Another on my todo list...)

Email me privately if you want directions out to my house.  I live in
SE Wake county, a pretty rural area so it should be good viewing.
I'll definitely have coffee made so, y'all come!

Best regards,
David DeCroix                                        finger for PGP public key
decroix@brunt.meas.ncsu.edu           Linux - The choice of the GNU generation

p.s.  There's a place near by that makes KILLER biscuits and gravy so
maybe b'fast too?
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