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[at-l] Re: Iodine Tablets

I have absolutely no expertise in medicine or biology.  Anyone using 
iodine should check with a doctor to make sure it is safe for him or her.

But having said that, I've never read anywhere that 7-10 days is 
dangerous for an otherwise healthy individual.  I've heard upper limits 
closer to 3 months.  That's awfully-darned convenient for me (since I'm 
hiking the AT in two 3 month sections).

I don't iodine all my water, but I do find a filter in the middle of the 
day when I need a 1 quart resuplly to be exceedingly annoying.

I use the Polar Pur Iodine crystals.  I like that you can vary the 
"dosage" much more easily than with tablets.

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