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[at-l] Foot Pain

hi all, sounds as if almost everyone has foot problems. my dr(he's
great) introduced me to a company called Hapad, Inc. 1-800-854-2723.
before seeing this dr, i had two surgeries to remove neromas (which
didn't help), had been placed in expensive orthodics ($200/pair) all to
no avail. i now wear a pair of Tullies for my heal problem ($5) and a
replacement insole ($12) to help correct my really flat feet and the
horrible pain in the ball of my foot. both these items i can move from
shoe-to-shoe. i think they are the greatest. Hapad also has a variety of
other inserts for various foot problem. they will send you a free small
catalog if you call so you aren't out anything to investigate them. i
have no connection with the company, just a happy customer!
pat in maryland (have mac will surf) 
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