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Re: [at-l] Pack Cover

Jim -
The only problem with NOT using a pack cover is that your pack
will get soaked.  And all that extra water is then extra weight that
YOU get to carry.

I've used both the pack cover AND a garbage bag inside the pack.
But I used a "small" garbage bag - just big enough to hold my clothes.
Doesn't need to hold EVERYTHING in the pack.  I tried the "large"
garbage bag for a while - then decided I didn't need to carry that
much weight.

Now I don't even use the garbage bag - I use grocery bags.  They're
extremely light, water resistant, lighter than stuff sacks - and tough.
And they work very well if you're using the pack cover.

Walk softly,

>Any thoughts about using a trash compactor bag INSIDE the pack instead of a
>pack cover OUTSIDE the pack?  That's 2oz vs 8oz.  I'm going to try that
>this year.  The trash compactor bags are made of 3mil plastic and are MUCH
>tougher than garbage bags.

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