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[at-l] Springer

I want to skip the approach trail to
Springer, but despite maps, am still
confused as to the best forest road and
trail to use.  Can anyone help?
 Also, what are the best locations for
mail drops and how many should there
be before Fontana?
- --------

Get a thru-hiker planning guide -
either Wingfoot's or Joe and Monica
Cooks.  Also a data book.  Only you
know how far you can hike each day and
how much food you are willing to carry.
 Common drops in that two week section
are Hiawassee or Wesser or Franklin.
As to the drive up the mountain - it
depends on how you are getting there. 
I was using the town taxi and they
refused to go up to the top.  It takes
too long and is hard on the vehicles. 
Even local shuttle drivers can miss the
drop off location and if the weather
has been bad, the road may not be
passable.  So unless you are going up
with family or friends, you may have to
go to Amicalola.  

Ginny Owen AT 88 and 92
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