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[at-l] Re: car/day hikes

As section hikers we do that a lot.  Sometimes with our own two cars,
sometimes with friends, sometimes with an arranged shuttle.  Last
summer we drove to Caratunk ME, hiked to Monson, got a shuttle from
Shaw's to well south of our car and walked back to the car, i.e two 4
day backpacks.  Earlier we did all of Killington to Hanover with our
two cars with day hikes.  There are plenty of road crossings 10-15
miles apart.  Only one of them was truely hard to find.  We have done
a number of such hikes at the AT conferences, where groups are
arranged.  Sometimes we have done those by half hiking one way and
half the other and swap car keys in the middle.

If you arrange a shuttle, it is best to leave your car where you will
finish and get shuttled to the start.  That way your car is there when
you get there, a day early or a day late.  We have had both happen.

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