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[at-l] Re: Pack Covers

I used a rather heavy pack cover for most of my hike last summer.  I used 
it even on sunny days figuring "what better place to put a pack cover 
than covering a pack."  Nothing in my pack ever got wet.  The elastic in 
it broke in several places about 10 weeks in.  I threw the cover away.  
During the last week, I hiked through a lot of wetness including one day 
where the rain never stopped.  Nothing in my pack ever got wet.  So next 
summer I'm going without a cover.

Important caveats:
* External Frame Pack
* Religious use of plastic bags for everything in my pack.  (Well, a few 
exceptions: parachute cord, plastic groundcloth already folded, peanut 
butter jar, sandals, trowel, et al.)

I would have a SMALL puddle of water build up in the bottom of my pack.  
But I never had a bad experience from wet equipment.

As for the day of non-stop rain mentioned above, I'm not ashamed to say I 
slept for 11 hours on the floor of the bathroom at Dahlgren Backpacker 
Campground.  And I never even found a way to turn out the light!

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