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Re: [at-l] pack covers

> From: SprouseCF@aol.com
> Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 23:38:24 -0500 (EST)
> I use my  pack cover as a "table" by pulling the cover down from the top and
> setting my gear out as I unpack.  It has served me well to keep organized and
> prevent small items from becoming lost.  It also keeps my stuff dry in a
> pinch.
> I consider it a necessity for my Jansport D3.  But of course I consider far
> too many things a necessity but can afford the weight as I usually go for
> only 2-3 day outings.

Ooooh...spooky...I could have written these exact words (except I'm
usually out for a _week_).  I guess I learned the "table" trick one time
when I had the cover on because it rained a lot -- the ground was all
muddy, and I realized the _inside_ of the cover was ideal for the purpose
you describe.  I also have a D3, and it weighs about sixty pounds when I
start out, because of the "necessities".  :)  As for additional uses, one
time when I had stopped for lunch on a very warm day, it began to sprinkle
but not really rain, so I threw the cover over my head and down over my
back just in case it suddenly poured and I needed to huddle under
something to finish my lunch. -- Linda ("Earthworm")
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