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[at-l] Reasons for thru-hiking

At 12:00 AM 1/16/97 -0600, 
>From: SDWoot@aol.com
>Subject: [at-l] Reason for thru-hiking
><After that 1985 hike Ithought I would have a more profound answer, but I
>could never quite pin itdown to more than, "I just wanted to do a big
>adventure." The 1985
>thru-hike was indeed profound, as have been all the rest, but I have never
>been able to put my reasons for doing it into words that make any sense to
>anyone else. It's just something that I understand but can't really

Jean-Louis Etienne was quoted in _Crossing Antarctica_, about the first
unsupported dogsled expedition across the continent, when asked why "we do
it." It went something along the lines of "it's like asking someone why they
like chocolate.  They just do."  J-LE also said that, to be happy, you
should "invent life"--making your own adventure before the phrase became a
TV catchphrase. You know, that sounds like enough of a reason to me.

Jim Greenway

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