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Re: [at-l] Relationships. (fwd)

>> Hi y'all!
>> I have a question of a slightly different nature.  How many of you
>> backpackers have partners/mates whom have NO desire in participating in
>> your interest ?  I feel this type of compatibility is not important. 
>> I've always been a singlet hiker.  But, should I prefer to spend time
>> with her over going to the trail as often?  What about through hikes? 

Totally depends on so many things.  Some wives (spouses) participate by
being home, sending stuff to post offices, meeting occasionally, and
generally keeping things running at home (not a trivial matter if you have
familial responsibilities like a house, kids, bills, etc).  You've got to
talk it out and reach a balance that both of you are comfortable with.

Good luck.

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