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[at-l] Relationships. (fwd)

> Hi y'all!
> I have a question of a slightly different nature.  How many of you
> backpackers have partners/mates whom have NO desire in participating in
> your interest ?  I feel this type of compatibility is not important. 
> I've always been a singlet hiker.  But, should I prefer to spend time
> with her over going to the trail as often?  What about through hikes? 

Wow, I've gone through this one with my rock climbing again and again. For one, it's nice to have
something to do that gives you time away from the SO, but on the other hand if it's something you
do all the time it just doesn't work (for me anyway). How many times have I asked "Why can't I
just find a smart, sexy young thing who rock climbs and is a head?"

I think this question is entirely based on your particular relationship, everyone's

My $.02

Will Strickland
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
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