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[at-l] Trailplace Webpage

Three announcements concerning the
<bold><italic>Trailplace</italic></bold> website:

1) The "Class of '97" project, in which 1997 thru-hikers will be posting
journals and individual shelter register entries, is operational, though
the journals and register entries won't begin coming in for at least a
few weeks. You can see the structure and get familiar with how these
things will be handled on the page if you are interested. A little
preview before the real action begins, which will probably begin
happening about March 1st or so.

2) The "Shuttle Information" section will be operational early this week,
probably by Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be especially handy for you
long-distance section hikers. You will be able to enter the name of the
road crossing or gap you need a shuttle to, and the search engine will
bring up the files of everyone we know who provides shuttles to that
particular AT trailhead. If you want to be listed as a shuttle provider,
a down-loadable form is provided that you can fill out and return to the

3) If you live very close to the Trail (within 5 miles or so in most
places, a bit farther in places like Maine) and don't mind getting an
occasional e-mail inquiry from hikers about weather conditions in your
area, you can list yourself (location and e-mail address) in our "Weather
Information" section. Go to the "Hiker Services" section, where you will
see a weather section. Instructions for listing as a weather contact are
given there.

Hope to have the entire <bold><italic>Trailplace</italic></bold> page
operational in about two weeks (finally!), and to begin loading content.
Lots of work to do yet, though. Thanks for your many words of
encouragement, and for your patience as I have been preparing this very
big website for use by the hiking public.


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