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OK, I've got to say something about the birth control pills
that are contained on my gear list.  I've gotten quite a few
comments inquiring as to my real reason for hiking the trail :-)
So, in case you were wondering, I'm not hiking the trail to find
me a man--just thought I'd clarify that for everyone!

Anyway, on a more serious note (and in an effort to educate
as I explain) some of the other benefits of being on the pill
are an extremely regular menstrual cycle (a definite plus for
a thru-hike) as well as reduced cramping and nausea for many
women.  Those two reasons were enough for me to decide to
include my little pink pill pack.

Now I think it's only fair after all the ribbing I've endured to
turn the tables around and ask all of you male hikers whether or
not you're stashing away a condom in the bottom of your pack "just
in case"????  I can justify the side benefits of my little pills,
I'd like to hear some of the additional benefits that condoms provide
on the trail -- emergency water bottle???

Happy trails!
'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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