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Re: [at-l] Clothing?

At 01:04 PM 1/3/97 PST, bob wrote:
>Hey Charlie,
>I'v been using polyester for the past two months.
>TNF Hydrenaline it's called.
>It seems to me to be the best stuff I have ever used.
>Very, very water resistant (I sat in the rain for 10+ 
>hours and never got wet).
>Wind proof, very breathable and much lighter than g-tex.
>Seems to wear like iron (I did a lot of bush-beating through
>some very thick brush -stickers -briars and can see no wear.
>This year I'm gonna leave the gore at home for my AT thru,
>and just use this stuff .

Hydrenaline is a polyester microfiber cloth.  There are many other polyester
cloths (Coolmax, Capaline, whatever they used to make leisure suits out of,
etc.), all of which have different performance properties.  Microfiber cloth
relies on an extremely tight weave for water resistance.  Since there is no
coating (except possibly a DWR on the outside) they tend to be quite
breathable. A recent review of windbreakers in Backpacker (September 1996)
liked the performance of the microfiber jackets they tried.

Some of their favorites (they didn't try a microfiber jacket from TNF) were:

        Lowe Alpine Pulse (10 oz, polyester microfiber)
        Nike Clima-F.I.T. Lite (14 oz, polyester microfiber)
        REI Zephyr (12.5 oz,  Nylon microfiber)

I believe that Patagonia and EMS (and probably others) also offer microfiber
jackets and/or pants.  MEC offers a polyester microfiber jacket with pit
zips (14 oz, about $80 dollars US).

I have heard of using microfiber jackets as rain wear in not too cold
climates. The theory is that not much water comes in, and the moisture you
generate goes out, so you stay warm and reasonably dry (at least as long as
you are exercising).  I'd be very interested to hear a report from someone
who has actually tried this!

-- Jim


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