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Re: [at-l] Clothing?

Charlie Thorpe wrote:

> I also have a pair of ripstop/cordura wind pants that are a little more
> serious.  I got them thru a friend who is a NOLS instructor and they are
> super-tough at all the places I tend to wear out pants when caving,
> bouldering, etc.  
more snips
> I ordered a pair of polyester wind pants (Sierra Designs, full side-zips)
> from Sierra Trading Post just before Christmas.  The price was right for an
> experimental try-out (first time I have used polyester), but unfortunately
> I have porked out a little more than I thought (ordered too small <g>).

Hey Charlie,
I'v been using polyester for the past two months.
TNF Hydrenaline it's called.
It seems to me to be the best stuff I have ever used.
Very, very water resistant (I sat in the rain for 10+ 
hours and never got wet).
Wind proof, very breathable and much lighter than g-tex.
Seems to wear like iron (I did a lot of bush-beating through
some very thick brush -stickers -briars and can see no wear.
This year I'm gonna leave the gore at home for my AT thru,
and just use this stuff .

A little more time on the trail will take care of the pork.
Life is short.

Bob Seiler
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