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[at-l] wrong finger on the reply button!

Hello All -

I have had a lot of fun catching up on a gazillion or two AT-L messages
during the holidays.  I became interested enough in a couple of the threads
to post  related messages to the list.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice that
the "reply to" gizzy is now working differently and I wound up making them
private email by mistake.

In both messages I was responding to Jim Mayer's outstanding questions.  I
intended to post to the list so I could get to see other folks ideas on the
subjects.  Kids on the trail are an important subject to us backpacking
parents and outdoor youth group leaders.  Gear talk is always fun <g>.

I will repost the messages I sent to Jim to the entire list...AND will try
to remember to doublecheck the "reply to" in the future.

Happy new year!  We could be hiking on the PCT (Sierras or Cascades) about

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al

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