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[at-l] Feeling better yet???/

Just a note to wish you Happy New Year to you and yours!

And get well wishes too....miserable ain't it?  At least you know I 
wasn't being a wuse about the sick on the trail thing.  Does make 
Gail an even greater wonder.

I don't do the New Year's Eve thing...too many drunks out and about. 
I hung around hoping for business until about 3:30 or so when I noticed 
the sky was clearing and the sun was out.. Jumped in the car, trying to
race the sun to a great view.  Drove like a maniac and then that slow 
climb...even slower cause I'm still weak in the legs from being sick.
At some point, I realized I wasn't going to make it.  Boy was I 
disgusted.  The first hint of sun in a week ....the first real sunset in 
a month and I couldn't move my bod fast enough to see it.  I just 
flopped over on my back panting...and what did I see!
The backspash...the _eastern_sky was fantastic!!  The whole palette was
there...from gray-green thru fushia to purple on the blue-blue sky with
just enough clouds streaks to really show the colors..A definite '8'
and I have yet to see a '10'
Before it was over, I realized the clouds had moved in from the west,
so if I had continued up to the ridge, I wouldn't have seen the sunset
anyway and I _would_have missed the fabulous backspash.

Funny how stuff works out sometimes.............Kahley
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