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[at-l] Re: Alisons' land in Louisiana.

> Sandy and Alison
> "The Smiths"
> ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 144 days )
> PS. Alice, I have this land I would like to sell you, it's
>    in Louisiana, it's really not that swampy and as
>    Richard Nixon said, "trust me , I'm not a crook". 
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	Hi folks,

	Guess me being the only (?) at-l member from LA,
shouldn't I get preference (sp) over rest of you all in
being offerred this land?

	Just kidding.  Hope everybody had a wonderful
Christmas and wish all a very happy new year.  I am off
to Arkansas on a (hopefully) weeklong backpacking
trip, but it not being AT related will not bore y'all
with that.

	And Sandy and Alison, good luck with the land
sale.  I would like to have been included as a
prospective buyer but I am afraid my finances will come
in the way.  And good luck to Alice too on finding a
nice piece of property.

	OK, too much rambling.  Bye all.

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