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[at-l] Kelty Super Tioga, Wise Shelter, and Short Term Medical Plans


I have been catching some great things on here lately and perhaps I can add
insight of things I read.

The trip report on Mt Rogers was excellent,  can I go next time?
Is there a Wise Shelter in the area?

I own a Super Tioga for a year and it replaced an original Tioga from 1980.
The pack is made for people who are broader than taller.  The suspension
is very good and  cool,  a plus for external frames.  I also enjoy the
packability of external frames,  just shove it in and go!  You can by one
probably this spring
on sale in Sierra Trading Post or REI at a nice discount.  The  model season
ends and they change colors and not much else.  So they unload the old color
at a discount.
Kelty has a good reputation and will back up what breaks.  The pack weighs 
7 lbs which is on the heavy side,  although good internal frames come close.
The pack is well laid out with nice pockets and adjustable dividers.  A good
choice for an external frame.

I deal with short term medical plans and do not recommend them,  although
are better than nothing.  They are easy to qualify for,  but can run out
while you are still sick and you cannot renew unless you qualify again.  I
buying a true major med policy,  one that you can keep and will not run out
on you.
You have to qualify,  but it is much more valuable in the long run.
  Premiums can be kept down with a 1000+ ded.  Be careful about HMO's since
you probably be out of there service area.
 You could also convert to COBRA for up to 18 months on your employers plan.

Happy trails,

David Craft
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