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Re: [at-l] orthotics

I developed a pain in my feet and lower leg when wearing street shoes and
to a much lesser extent with hiking shoes. Frequently it would cause a very
noticable limp and at times the pain in the plantar fascia would cause me
to stop walking a moment until whatever it was in by foot readjusted
itself. The effects became much more noticable as the sides of the heels of
my shoes wore.

I went to a podiatrist who xrayed & listened. He said my calcaneus (heel
bone) had a steep angle causing a high arch and that I should use shoes
with thick heels. He cut a small orthodic (not a fitted one) that raised my
heel but the thing did not stay put and did not help all that much. I
stopped useing them and went back to wearing my hikeing shoes at work.

Months later I went to a shoe repairman who I had not been to before to get
some shoes resoled. He also sold manufactured orthodics but after some
discussion he convinced me the ones he custom made would help a lot more.
After being fitted and going back several times over several days, we
settled on a fit. The orthodic is made of cork or a cork like material. He
makes adjustments by adding the material in 1/16 of an inch thick layers.
The layers are different shades of material so he can easily sand down the
last layer if he adds too much. A 1/16 inch layer can make a big
difference. Since getting them I have made many day hikes and used them at
work, but have not made any long hikes. The orthodics have stopped my foot
pain. I have seen the $300 figure several times, however mine cost me a
little over $100 at the shoe repair shop.

The is a lot of info on the web on orthodics. Search using something like
plantar fasciitis.

Bruce (stumblefoot)

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