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Re: [at-l]cash on the trail

> I don't know what people did about credit catrd bills on the trail, but
> have people looked into the new "check cards"?  Work like credit cards
> Has anybody tried them? (I have not yet used one, but my old bank tried
> to get me to)

I have one--it's functions as my bank's ATM card, in addition to being a
Debit Card against my checking account.  It looks just like a VISA Card,
has the VISA logo/hologram and all.  It is accepted by anyplace that
takes VISA, and is processed by their bank, being deducted from the
checking account when they process it.

I have never used it as a Debit Card, though.  Most retailers would
probably not even recognize it as a Debit Card, just as another VISA
credit card.

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