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	I finally got on my chat page when someone else was there. Sluggo
(96 thru -hiker) , Gar-bear,   Nate and I chatted a while.The chat page
is rather slow and sometimes it ad-libs. Sometimes I type a sentence and
hit <say it> and something completely different comes out on the screen!
Sentences like "Pardon me madam but we don`t always smell this bad" or
When there was no Fowl we ate Crawdad". it is really weird, but fun.
Several people plan to meet there Monday 12/23...no time has been
mentioned yet.

pc hey soloph.....mail won`t go thru to your new address?

Also Hello and welcome to new member Mark. you said hello to Charles? Do
I know you or are you referring to a different charles?


Georgia>97>Maine   Chase
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