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[at-l] Re: Jan Curren's book

At 07:16 AM 12/15/96 -0500,Milt wrote:
>Hello everyone. While I have you on the line let me wish each of you a 
>very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
>On the subject of books, I haven't seen anyone mention the book by Jan
>Curran, "Journey of Discovery", Jan was an '86-'87 thru-hiker. I read it
>and found it very enjoyable, but quite different that others I've read.
>Odd thing, and a surprise, was the story ends in the middle of the trail.

I would agree Milt. I picked this book up in a bookstore in Asheville the
other day and was reading it. Very good read.  Maybe someone will get me
this for Xmas? Of course the local library doesn't have it.


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