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[at-l] One Wing Injury

Hi folks!  I sent this message to Wingfoot's list the other day and then it
dawned on me that I had not sent it to the AT-L list, so here goes.
Apologies to those who get both lists. This was one tough guy - a good
hiker, in his 70's and with one arm - whew!

Hey everbody - If you happen to have the time, jotting a note to One Wing
(thru-hiker in '95) would be greatly appreciated by him I am sure.  We met
him on the trail in '95. Hiking with only one arm.  He camped out at Laurel
Gorge and a boulder fell on him while in his tent, doing severe damage to
his head. We noticed a post from his wife Pat on the Hypernews section of
Kathy's page.  Maybe we can all encourage him in his fight to regain his
health and get back on the trail. It truly was a tragic story.  We camped in
the same gorge and it gave us the creeps, cause we were only a few days
behind him.  Her email address is indicated below.

Mark and Janet

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>Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:55:11 +0000
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>hi mark & janet- you note was greatly appreciated by Larry (one-wing). i
>am trying to get him to use the computer. i think he will later. overall
>he is healthy but having trouble getting back into hiking after some
>health problems this past year. he wants to get back into hiking this
>year. his memory is lacking in many areas and some of it is gone
>forever. again he was deeply touched by your response. pat courtney

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