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[at-l] Re: Christmas help

>>I have five people to whom I'd like to give hiking books.    Most of 
>>these guys know each other and we all share stuff so they all have to be 
>>different.  They don't all have to be about the AT.  Any suggestions???? 
>>  Kahley

   >The book "Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills" published by The
   >Mountaineers is an excellent book that I strongly encourage everyone to own.
I really like it too. I would also recommend Jardine's PCT Hiker Handbook,
controversial as always, but still a must read. Quick, everyone stock up on
corn pasta!
I also like Hiking the Appalachian Trail.

   >Don't forget to enjoy the Meteor shower tonight- clear skies in Boulder, Co.
   >It should be a good show.
   >GA>ME '97
I'm looking forward to it,too. I nice night to bivy in the mountains.

Mark Tabb
now relocated to Littleton,CO.
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