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[at-l] Re: Christmas Help

>I have five people to whom I'd like to give hiking books.    Most of 
>these guys know each other and we all share stuff so they all have to be 
>different.  They don't all have to be about the AT.  Any suggestions???? 
>  Kahley

The book "Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills" published by The
Mountaineers is an excellent book that I strongly encourage everyone to own.
It is an incredible reference book on subjects from route finding, glaicer
rescue, equipment, etc...  Well worth the investment for anyone who spends
time in the backcountry.  Also don't forget that no one's library is
complete if they don't have a copy of Dr. Seuss' "Oh the places you'll go"

Don't forget to enjoy the Meteor shower tonight- clear skies in Boulder, Co.
It should be a good show.
GA>ME '97
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"Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons.  It is to grow in
the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth."
                                -- Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

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