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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

Jim Owen wrote:
> Damn, you guys are tough -

Tough??? I don't think so Jim. Some of these folks are just 
shooting their mouth off (pardon the pun).
Seriously, I do think that some of the respondents to this
thread have lost sight of the fact that this is not an entirely 
anonymous forum. It would probably be in the best interest of 
everyone to remember that the hiking community isn't really that large,
and that the guy that you flame on the AT-L today might meet you
face to face on the trail tomorrow. 

A couple of days ago Phil asked some questions concerning safety 
on the trail. I'm sure that there are a number of people on this
list that would attest to the fact that you can go almost anywhere
without negative repercussions if you use your head and treat other
people with appropriate courtesy. 

Although I can try to understand how difficult it can be for 
many SUV driving Chardonnay sipping suburbanites (or their parents
whose ethics they are emulating) on this list to feel for the rich 
heritage involved with hunting, I think that the bottom line should 
be that the AT doesn't need flame wars or fire fights.
> OK - I'm not angry,
> Second - As Keith pointed out, a lot of people depend on hunting
> to provide food for their families.  How many of you are gonna
> advocate letting their kids go hungry so you can feel safer while
> you hike?  If you want to be safe, stay home during hunting
> season.  I know - someone is gonna say that "hungry kids" is
> an overdramatization.   So I'm gonna invite you to spend some
> time in Pennsylvania - or Georgia or Tennessee or Virginia or
> .........  (pick your state).  You can meet some of those people.

Come and see me (and my three kids). I live in Pa., less than 1000
meters from the AT near the Leroy Smith shelter. We own a significant
parcel of land, pay takes and hunt for food and recreation. This is 
something that I do by choice. There are others in this valley that
hunt out of necessity. No, I don't hunt on the AT here, as the deer 
population prefers the swamp to the mountain. But, near rt. 191 ...
> Third - 
> 1/ I don't believe in "accidents".  

Most accidents aren't!

> And 3/  I don't tolerate ANYONE pointing a gun at me - and you
> shouldn't either.  <snip>
> Am I being an alarmist?  Damn right.  I'm a systems engineer -
> I don't tend to look at just one facet of *anything*.  And by
> both training and hard experience, I've learned that if you
> don't prepare for the worst case, it'll ALWAYS come back to
> bite you - usually at the worst possible time.   Some people
> call this Murphy's Law, but I'm a believer in O'Toole's Law,
> which states that Murphy was an optimist.
Murphy was a grunt

   Maybe we all need a weekend on a
> trail someplace - but pick a non-hunting trail.
> Walk softly - but loudly and with a great show of orange,
> Jim
 Jim, thanks for your thoughts.

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