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[at-l] Who is this guy?

Keith Patterson wrote:
 Hmmmm, MY trail, MY way . . . sounds pretty damn elitist to me . . .
> Then stay out of the woods when the hunters are out there . . .
> Oh, and you probably camp close to roads so the locals won't have far
> to walk to get to you.  Probably make sure that you stop at ALL the
> shelters that are littered with beer cans to make sure that you get a
> taste of the local 'flavor' also.
The fact that you're walking on The Trail
> does NOT suspend the need for logic, common sense, and yes, caution.
> I don't know  where you live or what you do, but, just in case you make it
> down to earth anytime in the immediate future, this is what is
> happening . . .
> Shouldn't that be. . .
> Cindi (chained in blissful ignorance to The Trail)
> Keith (who is spreading reality whenever I get the chance)
NO Keith, your spreading your dis-respect to someone elses opinion and
there concerns. Your the first person I've seen on this list that has
stated in almost every other sentence a remark that is not needed for
the other hundred + people on this list to see. Just read "your"
excerpts above and put yourself in Cindi's shoes. I'm not going to flame
you cause I feel that there is always hope for some. Thats what its all
about here..friendship and the sharing of ideas. If your spreading
reality..then I already know that you know astronauts  can only come
down to earth. Now am I ignorant for believing that? Now, you might say
" thats not what I meant " regardless of what I just say.. to let you
bother me is to put a sign on my chest that says " Feel free to bother
me, Keith does " So Cindi... who is this guy anyways huh?
Please Keith... hike your on hike and opinionate your views a little
more constructive. These are all my friends too... 
                                                  Tumbleweed GA>ME 97
" A 2000 mile trip will make anyone more wiser to his fellow humans "
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