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[at-l] Responsibility is your job . . .

Jim wrote:
8< snip >8
>One of the things I've found over
>the years is that, to a large degree, fear equates to ignorance.
>Now tell me - why should others suffer for your ignorance?  Why
>would anyone think that their fear and ignorance should control the
>lives of others?  

Agreed, whole heartedly.

	There's nothing like beating a dead horse, but here goes.

	It is my personal observation that our entire society is leaning in the
direction that Jim so eloquently denounced.  Laws protecting people from
themselves have become acceptable in our liberal society.  Speed Limit
Laws, Gun Control Laws, Seat Belt Laws, etc., etc.  The American people
have entered into a frame of mind (fear based) that rationalizes the
removal of Constitutionally based laws "for our own good."  When
individuals yield their Constitutional Rights for the benefit of all, the
thinking responsible (and too often silent) majority looses out.

	One last thought:  If you are willing to yield your individual
responsibilities to "The State," then you must be willing to yield your
Liberty to "The State" as well.

"With Liberty comes Responsibility." <=George Orwell . . . I think . . . 

Hike a responsible hike,


PS  Has anyone heard of the problems that Estes Park, CO is having with the
starving Elk from Rocky Mountain National Park invading (and, at times,
taking over) the town.

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