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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

> is you choose to do your hike, I don't think hunting has any place
> whatsoever on the Trail. 

Hmmmm, MY trail, MY way . . . sounds pretty damn elitist to me . . . 

>         First, I'd find it extremely unsettling to be hiking on the trail
> and keep coming face to face with people wandering around with loaded guns

Then stay out of the woods when the hunters are out there . . . 

>         Second, I don't see why I, or any other hiker for that reason,
> should have to be nervous about having my head blown off by some person who
> thinks I'm a deer (and yes, it happens pretty much every season [at least up
> here...], "But officer, he *couldn't* have been wearing orange....I thought
> he was a deer!"). You can't hike your own hike if you have to constantly
> have to look over your shoulder....  Also, being how I am, no matter how

Oh, and you probably camp close to roads so the locals won't have far 
to walk to get to you.  Probably make sure that you stop at ALL the 
shelters that are littered with beer cans to make sure that you get a 
taste of the local 'flavor' also.

There's NO rocket science involved in this discussion.  This is just 
plain old common sense.  The fact that you're walking on The Trail 
does NOT suspend the need for logic, common sense, and yes, caution.  

>         In case you haven't picked up on it yet <g>, I'm not exactly a fan
> of hunting.  However, this doesn't mean that if I came upon a hunter I'd

I don't know  where you live or what you do, but, just in case you make it 
down to earth anytime in the immediate future, this is what is 
happening . . . 

There are people in SW VA that hunt year round.  NOT drunks on a 
lark, but people looking for food the only way they have to find it.  
They don't want you leading any cheers for them . . . they're happy 
the way they are.  But they sure as hell don't want to starve because 
it happens to be inconvenient for you to share the trail for a couple 
weeks out of the year.  Hunting is a WHOLE lot more than just a sport 
to a LOT of people around here.  Most who don't hunt for food, donate 
their kills to Hunters for the Hungry, which processes the meat and 
distributes it to charities in the area.

>Cindi  (who hasn't chained herself to any trees yet..)

Shouldn't that be. . . 
Cindi (chained in blissful ignorance to The Trail)

Keith (who is spreading reality whenever I get the chance)

**  Keith E. Patterson
**  Fincastle, VA, USA
**  kep1@roanoke.infi.net
**  Keith_E_Patterson@atlanticmutual.com
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