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Re: [at-l] Email, along the way?

> actually i've been looking into the palmtops.  think i have chosen one (if
> anyone has any suggestions i'm feeling rather cavalier and alone on this
> one)--the Sharp zaurus.  only weighs 9 ounces and has a modem the size of a
> bic lighter.  not much heavier than a pad of paper and pen (well, maybe a
> little) and it has word processing, email capablities, spreadsheets, and
> places to store all those gear numbers.  on two AA batteries it'll go around
> 60 hours with a tiny lithium battery to backup RAM.  all i'll need is a phone
> line to up/download trail updates to friends, and, wingfoot willing, his web
> page.

I would think that the Zaurus would be a good choice for this, 
provided you protected it well on the trail.  The keyboard is far and 
away the best thing going in PDA's, which would make keeping your 
journal not become a chore.

I assume that you're looking at the 5800 since you're talking about 
spreadsheets.  You also might consider getting a 5000FX (the FX means 
the modem is included) and add aftermarket e-mail to it.  This could 
save you some money.  I believe that Rupp (www.rupp.com) has released 
their e-mail package for the Z, or are going to very shortly.  I'm 
not sure what your intentions are for the spreadsheet, so this may 
not be a viable option, as the 5000 does not have a spreadsheet.

Also for prices, I don't know if you know about the PDA Page 
(www.pdapage.com).  This guy does all the research for you . . . at 
least as far as price is concerned.  All you have to do is make the 
phone call and place the order.

I forget their names right now, but didn't that older couple that 
hiked part of the trail last year use a Z5000 to post their daily 
logs to the list???  I'm almost for certain that they used the Z, so 
there's not much question about it being possible.

Good luck with it . . . and I look forward to seeing your log here!!


**  Keith E. Patterson
**  Fincastle, VA, USA
**  kep1@roanoke.infi.net
**  Keith_E_Patterson@atlanticmutual.com
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