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Alice's Trip

Well soon we will know the outcome of Alice's Zamberlan Levante boots.
Dropped her and her husband off at Massey Gap in the Grayson Highlands after
picking them up from the Village Motel in Atkins.  I thought the day I
dropped off DP was windy, but that was a mild breeze compared to yesterday.
The wind practically flattened them before they even started up the hill.
Hope they had lots of warm clothes.  So far, no rain so at least they didn't
have to deal with that.  Also dropped off two IBM'ers from Raleigh at the
trail head on 52 between Bland and Bastian who were headed southbound, so
they should run into Alice somewhere.  Weather is cloudy and partly sunny
today with temps in the low 50's. Leaves won't last much longer.

Mark and Janet Holmes (GA-Me '95)
Fox Hill Inn - Innkeepers
VA 16
Troutdale,VA  ( 4 miles from Dickey Gap on the AT)
AT Hiker stopping point in the Grayson Highlands!
-provider of shuttles in SW VA
540-677-3313 or 1-800-874-3313 (for reservations)
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