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One last time from me

Well,my first Gathering is over. Wonderful time. I neglected to mention Mike 
Henderson earlier (sorry Mike). Mike did a slide show on his AT hike and he 
brought the house down. The applause from his fellow thru-hikers was long, 
loud, and appreciative; very poignant moment for Mike. The slides and music 
really captured the essence of the trail and a thru-hike. Plus, Mike's a 
really great guy.

Tonight, the finale consisted of slide shows by Cindy Ross and Warren Doyle. 
Cindy's show was about her family's hike with llamas on the CDT. 
Breathtaking scenery. Her songs fit the slides perfectly, and her commentary 
was humorous as well as educational in the vein of hiking with children. 
They encountered some tough weather on their hike and her kids were up to 
the task. They are hiking the CDT in sections. Her show ended with a Native 
American song with alternating slides showing pioneers and Native Americans 
travelling in the wilderness. These slides would then dissolve or fade into 
pictures of her family travelling the wilderness on the PCT. Very 
touching.You have to see it.

Finally, Warren Doyle presented his slide show showing his expeditions on 
the AT. Again, good music accompanied the slides and Warren also sang 
several songs that they sung on the expeditions. Warren talked about his 
philosophy of the trail using quotes of Walt Whitman and Thoreau. Again, a 
wonderful presentation. Warren is quite a fellow. I'll let others go into 
more detail, if they want, but wanted to let the list know what a warm group 
this is. Highly recommend you attend one of these if you get the chance. 

Peter H. Fornof

PS- Trail AT was there with his son and is a big Yankees fan.

PSS- Jim and Ginny Owen are really cool people! (But you knew that)