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Re: [AT-L] Camera film

At 01:48 PM 10/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Not being a camera buff, I was wondering what speed of film is the best all
>around for in the forests, and the once in a while picture you take in town,
>or out in the sun off of a bald.  I mean, you can't be changing film after
>ever 3-4 pictures if the conditions change.  I use an Olympus Superzoom, it's
>an automatic 35mm.
>IL Fltlndr

        200 speed is a good bet.  I used a lot of 100 speed but I also used
my 20-35 zoom frequently and could hand hold it at 1/30 and still get very
sharp shots. My zoom was a 3.5-4.5 which is not exactly fast, but may be
faster than the Superzoom, which makes the 200 even a better choice - for
good measure you might even want to throw in some rolls of 400.  Are you
taking slides or prints?  If you're going to make big prints off of these
shots, I would try to stay with the 200.

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