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Has anyone seen "Weathercarrot"?

HI. I'm new to the list so I guess a short bio is in order.

I'm a 31 year old female registered nurse who got fed up with fighting the
health care system and has left it all, for a while at least. I'm originally 
from Pennsylvania but I've been living in the UK and The Republic of 
Ireland off and on now for about three years. Last year I went home to 
prepare for and to hike the AT. I was on the trail for 7 months, from the 
1st of March until the 30th of September. I went solo and tented most of 
the way in order to make it as much a trip of solitude as is possible on 
the AT. I've been back in Ireland for almost a year now which brings me 
to the question that I'd like to ask:

Does anyone out there know "Weathercarrot", Greg Walter? He's done 
at least one thru-hike of the AT. It seems to me that when he's not 
thru-hiking he spends a couple of months out there on the trail anyway. I 
know he has volunteered a good bit of time to the ATC's Konnarock 
Crew. I met him on the very first day of my hike and his encouraging 
words on that day stuck with me through it all. Like magic he showed up 
at the end of my hike and he and I got lucky enough to come through the 
100 mile wilderness in a void. We were in touch for a short while but  
now........... Well, it seems as if he has disappeared from the face of the 
earth as mysteriously as he first appeared. 

If anyone out there could set either he or I in the right direction I greatly 
appreciate the effort. My postal address is:

Tracy Brumbaugh
The Old Convent
Co. Cork

Thanks so much and bye for now.