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Re: [AT-L] Has anyone seen "Weathercarrot"?

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 17:53:04 -0500 (CDT), you wrote:

>Does anyone out there know "Weathercarrot", Greg Walter? He's done 
>at least one thru-hike of the AT. It seems to me that when he's not 
>thru-hiking he spends a couple of months out there on the trail anyway. I 
>know he has volunteered a good bit of time to the ATC's Konnarock 
>Crew. I met him on the very first day of my hike and his encouraging 
>words on that day stuck with me through it all. Like magic he showed up 
>at the end of my hike and he and I got lucky enough to come through the 
>100 mile wilderness in a void. We were in touch for a short while but  
>now........... Well, it seems as if he has disappeared from the face of the 
>earth as mysteriously as he first appeared. 
>Tracy Brumbaugh
>The Old Convent
>Co. Cork

Weathercarrot is alive and well.  I just saw him at the Gathering this
past weekend.  He's now living in the Boone, NC, area, and seems to be
enjoying life a great deal.