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MSR dromedary recall

Hey gearheads:

I don't know if everyone here has heard this, but MSR has recalled the
dromedary bags made in the past few years. There is a chemical called
OBPA that was used to seal the fabric to the liner which is bad. (I knew
something had to be wrong when my mouth & throat burned after drinking).
There isn't any real long-term health affects, but they are offering to
replace your bag with a new one made without OBPA.

The website has more information. If you bought the bag at REI, they
will (possibly) mail you the same information that is contained at the
website. The URL is http://www.msrcorp.com/msr/. They also have a 800 #
if you have any questions (1-800-877-9677).

The instructions for getting a new bag are on the website - basically
you send back about a fifth of the bag with your address and what size
bag you own - you can keep the caps and the webbing. Then in a few weeks
they will send you a replacement.

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