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sale this weekend

Hey all!  This is for all the gearheads out there who won't make it to the
Gathering.  Ragged Mountain in Intervale, NH is having their annual tent
sale this weekend.  50-70% off some great gear. I've been to this sale every
year as long as I can remember and have always cleaned up.  

Ragged Mtn. is on Rt. 16 on the North side of North Conway (a few miles past
all the cheezy outlets).  Beware -- last weekend I was stuck in 2 hours
worth of bumper-to-bumper traffic through N.Conway with all the "leaf
peepers" around.  Get an early start if you're going to go!

Hope everyone gets out to enjoy this great fall weekend!

Jennifer Delia Sawyer		|	"Be the best you can be
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