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[AT-L] Re: [AT-L] This account has expired.

Stephen Bryant writes:
 > Why am I getting these messages???   What account has expired?  Why?
 > Stephen Bryant
 > >You have sent mail to:
 > >
 > > js@ufnet.ufl.edu
 > >
 > >with the subject:  [AT-L] phones
 > >
 > >This account no longer exists, please take any necessary actions,
 > >such as:
 > >
 > >  -- removing this account from a mailing list
 > >  -- removing this account from your alias file (personal or machine-wide)
 > >
 > >Thank you,
 > >
 > >    postmaster@cise.ufl.edu
 > >
 > >[This is an automagically generated reply]

  Somebody on the list evidently let their e-mail account go inactive and 
neglected to unsubscribe themselves from this list.

  Thier sys-admin has conveniently set up an automatic reply which gets
sent to the list every time the list sends e-mail to it.

  Apparently js@ufnet.ufl.edu is not recieving messages in digest mode.  It
looks like (s)he is in "no ack" mode - meaning his/her messages are not
sent back to her.  Thank goodness... imagine how much traffic we'd be
getting if there was a loop like that.

  I guess this will remain a problem until the list maintainer removes
js@ufnet.ufl.edu from the list. 

  Annoying, isn't it?

  I'm sending a copy to Ryan.... (the list maintainer, I believe)