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Re: [AT-L] Sticks and ankles

They help me with balance.  If I'm crossing a wet area on one skinny,
slippery log, I can sometimes put the pole on a rock, another log, or 
dry area and keep myself from falling.  Going up or downhill, the stick
helps to keep some weight off of my knees and ankles.  The downside is
it adds weight to my wrists, which are not the strongest in the world.
But in the middle of the wilderness I'd rather have a bad wrist (I
broke it once on a hiking trail) than a bad knee!  Sometimes, when
climbing rocks (either up or downhill) the stick becomes more of a
liability than an asset, and I just toss it up or drop it down a way
and proceed without a stick.


Robert J. Davis writes:
> Gotta question from an old thread: Exactly how do walking sticks/ski 
> poles help with ankles and knees? I don't put that much weight on my 
> sticks...(But, I got bad knees and ankles)
> Felix

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