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If you really want to go tentless and live in luxery - I have another option
for ya. I live in PA, which I believe is the rain capital of the world, and I
usually get by without a tent. I have a small camping hammock that only weighs
12 ozs., and a tarp. Set up your hammock, then pitch your tarp over you using
the same tree if it is going to rain. It keeps you dry, and you are not sleeping
on cold and wet ground. This option weighs 1/2 as much as a tent, and I like it
much better. The down sides are that the bugs get ya, and that you can't sleep
on rocky terrain where there are no trees. Then you just use your tarp alone.
Also the cost of the hammock is ($8), and the tarp is ten ($10), so people like
myself that don't have the money to buy a descent tent, this is a better
option.  mikey

						Michael Lehrman
						Indiana Univ. of PA