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Re: down & going tentless

<< The only problem I've had with a tent is buying one.  I
 plan to start a thread on true tent weights in a while.  What I want is
 for everyone to take their complete tent, ready to use with stakes poles
 stuff bag etc, to the post office and weight it.  Reporting the actual
 weight to the list.  With all the sales on tents coming soon it will be
 good info.  >>

Any thoughts out there for the best in light weight single tents that will
hold up in the rain? (...my light wt. Slumberjack "bivy tent" works great in
the West..but the rainstorms on the AT in Georgia were too much for the poor
thing last May... )  Has anyone carried a Bibler??  If so, does the single
wall work in heavy rain?