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Re: [AT-L] Re: down & going tentless

My Slumberjack bivy has held up well here in the East.  Even in some
pretty terrific rainstorms.  Maybe I'm just lucky.  However, how have you
been able to overcome the amount of moisture that builds up in the inside?

I always feel that I'm in a steam bath.  Luckily, my sleeping bag is water
resistant.  So, it's not the biggest deal.  However, I still wake up
feeling a bit clammy.  I've been told this phenomena is common amongst all
bivys...inexpensive and expensive.

Anybody have any evidence to the contrary?  If so, I'd love to know so, I
can replace the ol' Slumberjack.  It works...but it sure "ain't" comfy.

> Any thoughts out there for the best in light weight single tents that will
> hold up in the rain? (...my light wt. Slumberjack "bivy tent" works great in
> the West..but the rainstorms on the AT in Georgia were too much for the poor
> thing last May... )  Has anyone carried a Bibler??  If so, does the single
> wall work in heavy rain?

Jerry Curry
Research Associate
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Oak Ridge National Laboratory