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Re: Gear Weenie Paramus updates

Jeff must have missed that an EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) store is 
opening right next to the Campmor retail store on Route 17 in Paramus, 
NJ.  I recently got a card in the mail inviting me to apply for a job 
there.  As of this afternoon (9/20/96, 4:30 pm) the inside of the store 
looked fully stocked.  Should be opening up any day now.

This brings the number of outdoor shopping opportunities within a few 
miles of each other to 4 -1/2.  The Campmor, Ramsey and EMS stores on Rt 
17 north in Paramus, Ramsey's other store in on Rt 17 south in Ramsey, 
NJ, and The Sports Authority, just off of Rt 17 north in Paramus.  The 
Sports Authority counts only has 1/2 because of its limited selection in 
the camping department but the last time I looked, Coleman fuel and 
Camping Gaz cylinders were cheaper there than at Campmor.

Vincent J. Goffredo
"An intellectual carrot?  The mind boggles!"
The Thing From Another World